Baltimore Night Life


The Greene Turtle
Website: Address: 722 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231 Tel: (410) 342-4222

Description: This is a fun and popular sports bar and grill. Located in the heart of Fells Point, it’s a good starting place to go bar hopping for the night.

Cat’s Eye Pub
Website: Address: 1730 Thames St, Baltimore, MD, 21231 Tel: (410) 276-9866

Description: You’ll definitely have to check this Baltimore tradition out if you’re into jazz or the blues.

Max's Taphouse
Website: Address: 735 South Broadway, MD, 21231 Tel: (410) 675-6297

Description: You’ll definitely have to check this Baltimore tradition out if you’re into jazz or the blues.Website

Red Star
Website: Address: 906 S. Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD 21231 Tel: (410) 675-0212

Description: A quiet, spacious and relatively classy bar in Fells. This is a good place if you’re looking for a fun but somewhat subdued night.


Pub Dog
Website: Address: 20 E Cross St # 1, Baltimore, MD 21230 Tel: (410) 727-6077

Description: Don’t miss out on this charming Baltimore establishment. For you dog lovers out there, yes, you CAN bring your dogs here. That’s not the only reason to check out the Thirsty Dog. Enjoy their wide selection of tasty brews on tap for very reasonable prices any day of the week. Also, don’t leave without having at least a slice of their delicious thin crust pizza!

MaGerk’s Pub
Website: Address: 1061 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230 Tel: (410) 576-9230

Description: Check out this place if you’re out in Federal Hill and you’re looking for a fun and relatively inexpensive bar to go to. Watch out, it gets crowded and very club-like on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which can either be a pro or a con depending on what you are looking for.


Myth and Moonshine
Website: Address: 2300 Boston St., Baltimore MD 21224 Tel: (410) 777-5502

Description: A fun bar/gastropub with nice cocktails for small gatherings.

Website: Pub Address: 2918 O’Donnel St., Baltimore MD 21224 Tel: (410) 522-4220

Description: A two-story bar right in Canton Square, this is a good place to go on weeknights after exams, as the prices are low and the class can take over the pool tables etc. On the weekend, upstairs turns into a hot, crowded, and amusing dance floor.


Red Maple
Website: Address: 930 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201 Tel:: This is definitely one of the trendiest lounges in Baltimore. Asian-inspired tapas and unique cocktails are only a small part of its charm. Dance the night away with flamenco on Tuesday, belly dancing on Wednesday, and Latin-inspired music Thursday through Saturday.

Brewer’s Art
Website: Address: 1106 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201 Tel: 410-547-6925
Brewer’s Art is considered one of the nation’s best pubs. They brew several fine beers on site and offer a diverse selection from around the world as well. It’s a popular post-test or weekend hangout because of its relaxed and friendly bar atmosphere. Be sure to try their wildly popular rosemary garlic fries—divine!

Midtown Yacht Club
Address: 15 E Centre St, Baltimore, MD 21202 Tel: (410) 685-ISPY
A true example of Baltimore’s ubiquitous neighborhood bars, this is a cheap stop right by the Mt. Vernon shuttle stop to get a quick drink and dinner. A quiet bar, they have a barrel of peanuts for the taking as you walk in.

Spy Club
Address: 15 E Centre St, Baltimore, MD 21202 Tel: (410) 685-ISPY
It’s somewhat of an adventure to get into this club, 007. Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to enter through a secret, swinging bookcase at the Midtown Yacht club to gain access to one of the most interesting clubs in Baltimore. The DJ plays an interesting mix of trance, dance, and house music and there are quite a few plush couches tucked away for more clandestine conversation.

13th Floor at the Belvedere
Address: One E. Chase St., Baltimore, MD 21202 Tel: (410) 347-0888
This hip little spot atop the Belvedere offers some spectacular views of Baltimore along with some upscale drinks. There are a plethora of bands and DJs that come in. So take the elevator to the 13th floor and take in the sights on and off the dance floor.

Club One
Website: Address: 300 E. Saratoga St., Baltimore, MD 21202 Tel: (410) 230-0049
You don’t want to pass up this place. If you’re looking for a traditional clubbing experience, make sure and hit up Club One. It’s got four levels of lounging, dancing, and general carousing.


Charles Village is the area around the undergraduate campus, so naturally, any bar in the area is going to be filled with undergrads. 

CVP (St. Paul St. and 31st) – the sign out front may say “Charles Village Pub,” but it’s known around here as CVP. Definitely more of a “local” feel than PJ’s. Good for cheap drinks and food (especially during Happy Hour) when you’re in the mood for more of a relaxed night. You can’t beat double rail mixed drinks for $4! Nothing fancy though.


Powerplant Live!
Address: 34 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202
Tel: (410) 727-5483

Description: Powerplant Live! is a collection of bars and clubs in the Inner Harbor such as Bar Baltimore, Baja Beach Club (sketchy person central), Have a Nice Day Café, and Iguana Cantina.
LUCKIES is a bar notorious for giving our class Happy Hours, where a ten dollar ticket will get you all the rail drinks you want for two hours (i.e. if you go to Luckies, you will get trashed…). Loud, crowded, and occasionally sketch-tastic, this place is a great time maybe the first two or three times you go, then you just start to get sick of it. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes.

Address: 316 Guilford Ave., Baltimore, MD 21202
Tel: (410) 234-0044

Description: This place is big, loud, and can be a bit obnoxious. With enough of the right people though, it can be quite fun.


Baltimore has a strong and vibrant community with an equally great selection of venues to just sit down and have a drink, and have a great time with friends of all identities. This is just a selection of some of our favorite bars and clubs (find more on:

Grand Central
Website: Address: 1001 N. Charles St. (Mt. Vernon) Tel: 410.752.7133
Description: Grand Central is one of the mainstays of Baltimore LGBT Nightlife. Located on the corner of Charles and Eager, Grand Central has been a landmark destination for anyone looking for a good time. During the week, Grand Central is the place to go to just hang out, play pool, and just relax after a long day on the wards or in classes. Thursday nights are Ladies’ Night, a popular evening for anyone looking to start their weekend early on the dance floor. On the weekend, Grand Central is the place to be on Fridays.

Club 1722
Website: Address: 1722 N. Charles St. (Mt. Vernon) Tel: 410.727.7431
Description: For the late night partiers, Club 1722 is your after hours club. With a variety of DJ’s spinning House, techno, vocals, progressive, percussion, cutting edge and dance classics, you’re sure to find what you’re looking.

Baltimore Eagle
Website: Address: 2022 N Charles St. (Charles Village)
Described as “A friendly cruise bar for the Leather crowd,” The Eagle is part of a larger franchise of bars that feature club nights and full moon parties. Feel free to peruse the Leather/Rubberstore for “artifacts” to discuss in your sexuality curriculum.