Course Requirements

As part of the biomedical engineering department, each student must take 18 biological or medical science credits and 18 engineering, applied math, or quantitative biology credits of coursework.

Many students choose to take classes from the 1st year medical school curriculum to satisfy their biology credits. Alternative options include the graduate courses offered by other departments in the School of Medicine and the Systems Bioengineering courses offered at Homewood.

The engineering requirements can be fulfilled by taking quantitative biology, mathematics/applied mathematics, or engineering courses. Many of these classes are offered at Homewood through the School of Engineering. These credits must be 400 level or higher, with at least 2 courses at the 600/700 level, and at least one course must have substantial theory content.

The following list includes many commonly taken courses but is by no means comprehensive. It is also possible to take other relevant courses from the School of Medicine, School of Engineering, and School of Public Health. Classes not covered in these guidelines need to be approved by the department administrator or program director. For more details see the official website and the PhD guidelines


SOM: School of Medicine
HW: Homewood
SPH: School of Public Health